Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Power of You

I am truly overwhelmed.

Anyone who had ever doubted social media as a vehicle for positive change has really wasted their time doubting.

Within hours of asking for cake for Bridget - - we have cake. Well, not only cake... we have cupcakes, cakes, juices and snacks.

So now, let the thank yous begin:

First up, two people who jumped onto my plight quickest: Rucinde Edson (@Goddess_Rae) and Cape Town Bru (@CapeTown_Bru) who went ahead and got Charly's Bakery involved (@charlysbakery ) who have gladly offered to bake a cake for Bridget. And that was just on Twitter.

Rucinde has also pledged to donate snacks and juice for the party via RealNet in Athlone. A huge thank you for all you've done... and on your birthday too (Happy Birthday, Rucinde). Thank you also for roping in Pick 'n Pay's Support Office, who, via Olfa Solomon, the Regional Customer Service Coordinator is donating a cake for the party too.

A HUGE thank you has to go out to Lameez Smith Nielsen, who runs a charity bakery called Cakes from Heaven. She is making a massive birthday cake saying "Happy Birthday Bridget" with all sorts of chocolate niceties as well as 110 cupcakes for the more than 100 guests who will be in attendance at the party on Friday 30th March 2012 at the Woodside Special Care Centre. This, via Facebook.

The power of the internet. The power of social media. The power of you.

I cannot put in words just how much all of this means to me.

May you all be blessed.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

We Need Cake

So, I'm never any good at asking for things. In fact, getting my favourite dish cooked for me for dinner by Wife is a bit of a stretch at times.

However, there are times like these. Times when a man must swallow his pride, get down on his knees and humbly call upon the charity of the intertubes and ask... for cake.

I do a lot of charity work (for free, mind you, but I don't like to talk about it) and one of my preferred charities is the Woodside Special Care Centre. This Centre - find them here: - has been caring for severely mentally and physically handicapped children since the 1970s. And they do phenomenal work.

Like any non-profit organisation, they struggle. But that's not the purpose of this post. I want to tell you about Bridget.

On Friday, March 30th 2012, Bridget turns 50. I can't begin to tell you what an achievement it is that a woman so severely disabled has been able to live this long. She has outlived her own mother, and was one of the first residents to be admitted to Woodside making her a resident here for 34 years.

What I am asking of you, Internet Users, for a Cake to celebrate Bridget's birthday.

Who's with me?