Wednesday, 9 November 2011


I realise this tribute has come a little late, but not many people know what a fan I am of boxing.

I love the charisma, the showmanship, the brutality, the honour, the trash-talk, the tears, the blood, the hours of training, the strict dieting, the discipline, the shaking of hands after beating the crap out of each other, the corruption, the scandal, the bad refereeing calls, and most of all, the heroes and legends the sport gives birth to.

In Joe Frazier, the boxing world had a gritty gentleman champion. Sure, he talked a big game. But no more than Muhammad Ali. Big George Foreman was a power-player during that era, and the 1974 "Rumble in the Jungle" bout against Ali is regarded as one of the most memorable fights of all time.

Those three names traded world heavyweight titles in the 70s - a golden era in boxing. And in 1975 came the "Thrilla in Manila". It was Ali-Frazier, in the third time and final time they would meet.

First, some history. Ali had once said "The man who will beat me will be fast, strong and hasn't been born yet."

He was wrong.

In 1971, the Fight of the Century took place between Smokin' Joe and The Greatest. In the 15th round, Frazier floored Ali with a trademark left hook, breaking his jaw, and eventually handing him his first-ever defeat.

By 1975, Ali's camp were convinced Frazier was past his best. During the bout, Ali reportedly said to Frazier "They told me you was washed up, Joe" to which Frazier responded "They told you wrong, pretty boy."

How can you not get caught up in that sort of romance? Frazier was defeated by way of Technical Knockout before the 15th round - with trainer Eddie Futch whispering to Frazier after the 14th "No-one will forget what you did here today."

And no-one has.

Long live the heroes. Long live the memory of Smokin' Joe Frazier.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Daughter Commentary

My daughter, Hannah says the most incredible things.

She calls me awesome names, too. When she was 2, she'd call me Daddy-Laddy. I could understand this, because it rhymes. But there are some other interesting ones she's come up with since then.

My favourite is Mister Lance. So authoritative. From now on, that's how I'll introduce myself.

I also have my own nicknames for her. Very seldom is it just Hannah. I also call her Bean. Because, well, in the words of a very dear friend "She's a little human bean". So it's Bean, Hannah-Bean or Babyshoes. To which she often responds "But I'm not a baby anymore." She's 4, and I assume will always be my baby.

I usually post her crazy ramblings on Twitter under the hashtag #DaughterCommentary

Here's some of the other stuff she says:

"Dad you forgot to tighten my button loose when you put my shorts on this morning. I always tighten it loose when I wee"

Pouring a scotch while I'm braaiing, I say "Hannah, turn the meat for daddy please?" She replies "but I'm only small"

Daughter in a robotic voice: "I'm. not. Hannah. I'm. a. robot. I. don't. need. body. cream. I. need. oil."

Trying to switch on a DVD, I kept telling her to press the triangle (for PLAY). After a few failed attempts, she looks all forlorn and says "but I'm only small"

Dodding about in the garden, she asks to go to the park. I say "When mommy's done studying, we can go to the park." After a long pause she says "We should get another mommy. Then she can study and we can go to the park."


Welcome to my blog

I've been meaning to set one up for a while now, but I'm a little afraid to commit. What you will find here are random ramblings, directed ramblings, ranted ramblings and the general muddling of a young new-ish father.

I am in 30's lee, have a beautiful daughter out of whose mouth spews the most incredible wisdom and I work in the television and entertainment industry - which all makes for rather adventurous days.

When I'm not doing TV, MC or Daddy-Laddy work (one of my daughter's nicknames for me, among others) I also teach Broadcast Journalism and Internet Journalism to the second-year Journo students at Varsity College. When I'm not doing that, you'll find me muddling about on my guitar, writing music, and conducting and teaching a choir of around 100 amateur singers in my church.

Yes, I have many stories about all spheres of my life, which I'll gladly share here.

Welcome, sit back, and enjoy the ride.